Hair Growth

It's a great hair day here in the business world. Today I wanted to share a little bit about hair growth. I'm not going to preach on the topic but just share a few tips that I've found to have been an aid to my growth process.

One mistake that a lot of ladies assume is that their hair does not seem to grow. Whether they are natural or relaxed many assume that they are not seeing Growth but to the contrary my friend.

Your hair does grow… hair grows an average of .5" (half an inch) per month so that's at least 6 inches per year. So if your hair is growing at that rate no matter what… then what can we assume is the issue? The answer – RETENTION; holding onto that length that you have produced every month is KEY!

So understanding that our hair is growing we must be gentle with the eldest part of our hair which are the ends. This is where you will start to see the results of you taking care of your hair, remembering to keep it moisturized and not hassling it so much.
  • Keep those beautiful tresses moisturized
  • Don't be so hasty to trim to see growth…Remember RETENTION is Key so Dust if you must.
  • Less Manipulation is best – Hair is like a delicate fabric, it can wear away.
  • Try to use products that you can read the ingredients. That goes for food as well! Natural is best!
  • Protect those ends with 'Protective Styles' 
Happy Growing ladies
~love and peace