Hair Typing

Do you know your hair type?

 Which curl describes you?

I am not all for the Hair Tpying scene but I am willing to showcase the different types of Kinks, Coils and Curls we have naturals have. Each curl is different and each reacts to products differently.

  • 2's Can use lighter hair products like mousses or gels that enhance curls but don't weigh them down.
  • 3a's Can use gels or creams that offer light moisture and curl definition. 
  • 3b's Can use gel and styling creams with extra moisture and serious frizz control 
  • 3c's Can use styling creams, butters and oils 
  •  4's Can use styling creams, butters and oils for Lots of moisture

No matter what curl tpye you have, embrace it and learn it! Its also possible that you have multiple textures LIKE ME! I have a Patch of 3a curls at the nape of my neck that will not coil for goodness sakes. I do have a majority of 4b curls and a stubborn crown of 4c that is a motherload  to deal with sometimes.

I love my curly ladies ~

~Love and Peace


My Staples

Today I wanted to share a few staple products
that I have incorporated into my weekly regimen.
I'm going to give a quick glance at the 2 products
that I always use to aid in my healthy hair goal.

  • Shea butter- My #1 favorite product of all time. I use this on a weekly basis. It helps to keep my hair moisturized and soft. It's produced from shea nuts and it is all natural, unrefined and raw.
    • This is great for those whose hair tends to get a little dry during the week. I've mixed my shea with other oils to make it a bit more creamy for my liking!


Hair Growth

It's a great hair day here in the business world. Today I wanted to share a little bit about hair growth. I'm not going to preach on the topic but just share a few tips that I've found to have been an aid to my growth process.

One mistake that a lot of ladies assume is that their hair does not seem to grow. Whether they are natural or relaxed many assume that they are not seeing Growth but to the contrary my friend.

Your hair does grow… hair grows an average of .5" (half an inch) per month so that's at least 6 inches per year. So if your hair is growing at that rate no matter what… then what can we assume is the issue? The answer – RETENTION; holding onto that length that you have produced every month is KEY!